Helping You When You Cannot Currently Afford to Pay

The Golden Rule as Our Goal Standard

To encourage mature teens and adults of all ages to be authentic, wholeheartedly satisfied men and women who develop their creative ideas and talents fully throughout their lives with an abiding sense of personal integrity, I offer to be available in the role of a seasoned veteran of life with whom you can talk heart to heart as you explore your own ideas, feelings and faith in regard to any topic concerning which you are trying to make a wise decision.  Let me say at the start that although, for people who can afford it, I charge an affordable fee for my help, I am open to helping anyone who genuinely appreciates and makes good use of my help but cannot afford to pay for it now. If you ask, we’ll find a way for you to benefit from encouraging wisdom today. My goal is to help you enjoy a more enriched and rewarding future and find your own way in life as you seek to be true to yourself by having faith in yourself, others and a Higher Power.  This is an honorable path to becoming a contributing member of all communities in which you choose to belong and within which you share your creative ideas and talents for the benefit of yourself and others.

If you don’t have the ability to pay me now but gain income or wealth later, you can always pay me later if you believe that I was helpful to you.  At any point when you become aware that my help has been beneficial to you, you may want to help support ways in which I reach out to others who are financially limited.  In that case, please feel free to contribute what you want to share as your way of seeing that others enjoy the same benefits you’ve enjoyed.  I work with low-income adults in need of help and would appreciate any contributions you make to help meet their needs.  Your contributions will not be tax deductible, but they will be an investment in your future from which you reap dividends according to the Golden Rule.  That’s simply how life works!  Sow helpfulness and compassion to reap helpfulness and compassion.


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