The illustrations and text contained in the Heartbook of Healing Wisdom entitled Aim for Integrity to Share Life, Liberty, Grace, Justice and Prosperity for All summarize core material helpful to anyone who seeks to live with courage as a “peaceful warrior” or in any manner establish himself or herself as a citizen of a culture of peace and no longer participate in any way in a culture of violence.  It presents the core curriculum both necessary and sufficient to empower everyone to fulfill Martin Luther King Jr’s dream to build a society that is not afraid to judge ourselves and others by the content of our characters because we’ve learned to nurture our integrity as our character intentionally, with benevolence aforethought.

Likewise, in honor of Gandhi, the Heartbook presents a way for everyone to be the change in the world that we all want to see if we cherish our loved ones and desire that their lives be safe and awash with heartfelt love that endures forever.  This material opens our hearts and minds to evolve, each in our individual way, along the universal way that mystics of all paths of faith have encountered and espoused for centuries.  Because it contains principles and practices that we can each carry out in our ordinary daily lives while living within our communities — without withdrawing to a monastery or living in a cave apart from others — the Heartbook outlines the “common citizen” or “householder” mystic’s perspective on life, love, learning, liberty and laughter – the Five Great L’s.  By implementing its teachings, we move together as a society beyond hell on earth by diligently practicing heaven’s L’s on earth.

These materials are as yet incomplete and in need of further development to become the tools they have the potential to be in helping us all learn to be true to ourselves according to our divine nature and cease to cater to our own ego or anyone else’s ego.  Because the ego uses conflict to prove the necessity of being defensive and ego-oriented, the ego knows nothing about how to undo itself and allow peace to reign, a peace within which all appearances of conflict can be resolved to everyone’s mutual satisfaction.  Use of the tools and ideas contained in this heartbook leads to the ego’s undoing.  That’s why the ego resists their use.  If you want to live as a humble yet joyfully loving, loved, helpful and productive human being and no longer allow pride and shame or guilt and blame to limit you, here’s your golden opportunity.  You, too, can be the change in the world you want to see, as Gandhi admonished us all to be.

The tools contained in this document are conceptual tools by which we can retrain our minds to think of ourselves as whole persons, not merely as fragmented egos.  They help each student who uses them to move beyond his or her ego to envision life’s possibilities anew.  They also teach students how to resume awareness and appreciation for our heartfelt emotions and express and share them caringly.  Since ego’s existence depends upon our denying our emotions and burying them unexpressed except as burst of uncontrolled anger, self-pity or other self-defeating emotions, learning to be competent in relating to our own emotions helps us set our egos aside and live as free beings re-oriented to life from our renewed wholehearted awareness of our purpose in and passion for life.

These tools also help us move from lifestyles dominated, oppressed and exploited by fear to lifestyles freed and made creatively productive by truth and love as truth and love are defined by their Divine Source.  After reading this summary, please share your feedback with me.  Your feedback will help me to improve these materials.  If you have ideas about how to improve upon and/or share these materials more effectively through any medium, please let me know.

Copyright Art Nicol 2014

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